This page is dedicated to Bible Questions and Answers.  At this point, all questions are presented to and answered by Dr. Jack Cottrell,  retired professor at Cincinnati Christian University, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Someone just asked me this question (not in these exact words): "According to Arianism (both in its ancient form and in its modern form of Jehovah's Witnesses), Jesus Christ is not God because in John 17:3 Jesus addresses God the Father as the one true God and as the one who sent him (Jesus). Do you agree that the Father is the one whom Jesus is addressing, and that Jesus is calling the Father the one and only true God?" Here is my answer: "There is ONLY ONE true God. However, the one and only true God is now known to be a Trinity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit (see Matt. 28:19--where all three persons are included in the ONE NAME). So, as Jesus says in John 17:3, the Father (whom Jesus is addressing) is indeed "the one and only true God." But the trinitarian nature of God means that ALSO, God the Son is "the one and only true God," and God the Holy Spirit is "the one and only true God." They are not identical with one another, nor are they three "gods." But they do share equally in the essence, authority, and glory of divinity. Remember that Jesus Christ, though he is the incarnation of God the Son, is also a human being; and in his unique nature as both divine and human, he is subordinate to God as HIS "Father." This subordination is not inherent in him (his divinity is his eternal, inherent nature--Philippians 2:6), but it is something God the Son voluntarily took upon himself solely for the purpose of dying for our sins (see Phil. 2:7-8). I am so sorry for your Arian (Jehovah's Witnesses) friends, who have been deceived and thus robbed of a true knowledge of the One True God."

"YOU  Matter to GOD!"