October 2019


Christianity is about winning people to Jesus. We are commanded to go, make disciples (followers), baptize, and teach (Matthew 28:18-20) because of the authority of Jesus.

The only way we

can be effective is if we expose our own walk with the Lord. We do this by speaking about Him and behaving as He wants us to. Our friends and family will know how much we care about them if we show them a good Christian example. Jesus teaches about visiting the sick, feeding and clothing the needy, and having compassion.

We are also taught to be faithful in our service and worship, in prayer and Bible study. If we put all those ingredients together, we will be a strong body of believers.

For Lockland Christian Church to be effective in this community and influential beyond, we have to “dream big dreams.” We have to invite others to come and be part of what we are doing for Christ.

Pray that the empty pews will be filled with those who need to hear “the best news ever.” Pray that those who fill the pews will do more than just fill the pews! Rise up and serve the Lord with gladness. Let us make 2020 the best year in recent history for Christ’s church in Lockland!