South India Church of Christ Missions


"Jesus is alive and building His church in this part of the world."

In the country of India there is much that is constant and more that is changing.  We pray and reflect and marvel at what God is doing in south India.  Although the Mission has planted over 1,000 churches, and now is training the leadership for churches all over India through Southern Asia Christian College, there is much more to do. There is “urbanization”, the mega-cities of India, swallowing up villages and towns and dramatically changing India’s culture.  We have come to understand what it means to have more than a billion people on a subcontinent, three times the number of people in one-third the space of the US.

The task of Christ’s church in India is exciting, knowing that each and every one of these billion people could have Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.  In India we see “what was”, “what is” and “what the future may hold” of a culture and geography so rich with history and diversity. Jesus is alive and building His church in this part of the world.

How was it in 1950 in old Madras Province, where Arthur and Ruth Morris and their 3 year old son came as the British were leaving? Providentially, a movie was made of this area back in 1954.  You will see in that film the outcaste villages where the Word of the love of Jesus for all people was taken to the villages in a great missionary outreach led by Jesus.  The video shows the people as they were then: debt-slaves, poorest of the poor, uneducated, living without hope yet still hoping that one generation would finally be educated, have sufficient food, be able to worship the one true God and raise their families with the hope of a future beyond the rice fields.

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