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The Lockland Christian Church came into being as a congregation February 19, 1933 in a gathering called and led by Charles Melvin McKay.  Eight men have been identified as ministers serving this congregation.  Mr. McKay was succeeded by Elton H. Triplett (1936-37), Cecil Shepard (1937), Robert L. Livingston (1937-39), Hugh Sensibaugh (1939-1985), Noel Kirk (1985-1994), Jim Coddington (1995-1999), and Don A. Stowell (1999-Present).

Ministry in this congregation has been enlarged by the employment of staff members, not always on a full-time basis, but always for service to, and for, and through the church.

The Lockland Christian Church is and has been well represented in Christian ministries.  Over the years, dozens of men have been ordained into church ministries and many women have participated in Christian ministry alongside their husbands.

The Lockland Christian Church is known for its interest and participation in the larger fellowship of Christian churches and Churches of Christ.  Missions and missionaries, young people's camps, Bible colleges, and Christian conventions become tools through which it works to serve the Lord in wider areas, as well as being agencies to serve the people of the local church.

The Lockland Christian Church has served and continues to serve the Lockland community.  Located in the center of Lockland, the church stayed and built here when other churches were moving out. Thus it becomes increasingly important as a Christian presence in the community.

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